I’ve deliberately been trying not to write another post, till after i’ve finished my assignment for university; but so far today i’ve had a nap, ate some sweets, read part of the Guardian, lost an argument about anarchism over breakfast, frittered away precious time on Facebook, eaten everything in the house, been to the shop to replace it, started cleaning the bathroom but ended up face-first in the kitchen cupboards chomping again, spent more hours on Facebook and checked my e-mails several times… so all that’s left now, really, is to come and complain about it here.

Collection Development – how hard can it be?  Well, if you’ve had a couple of months to write a report about a fictitious library collection yet have left it till three days before the deadline, pretty bloody hard.  I’m stupid and useless.  Don’t be stupid and useless like me!  Do it now!  Whatever you’re putting off – go!  Go and do your homework or tell your nearest and dearest you love them or have a bath or  scratch your bum or apply for that amazing job before the deadline passes!

In case you’re curious, well, yes, i’m studying for my MA in Library and Information Studies.  I am, however, too stupid to follow my own good advice so here i am, arsing about on a blog when i should be writing about preservation issues with electronic resources, the advantages and disadvantages of co-operation, key reference tools for my made-up library and drafting a collection management policy.

I also should have learnt a whole load of music for tomorrow (i’m also in an amazing choir which i love and don’t want them to hate me for being a waste of space) but… have i fuck.  Plus it looks like i’m going to have to miss this year’s London Zine Symposium and, even if i do make it for a short while, yet again i have no zine to distribute.  Too much to do, not enough hours in the day.  Aarghs!

If you’re now scratching your head, wondering what a zine is and why it gets its own symposium, have a butcher’s here for more information and resources:

Anyway, yes, yes i know.  I know i’ve the same number of hours in the day as everyone else; and there are many others who get SO much done, it’s incredible.  I’ve nothing but admiration and respect for them.  And maybe just a tiny bit of envy.  But in a curious, what’s-your-secret way, not a horrible mean begrudging one.

Let’s face it though: i may not know what their secret is, but i certainly know what’s holding me back.  Frankly, i’d have far more time to do what i want and need to do, if i didn’t waste so much time eating rubbish and throwing it up.  Of course.  Sorry to be blunt, sorry to be disgusting, but there it is.  Bulimia is a massive waste of time.  And money.  Crap me, it’s expensive.  I may as well, as one specialist so kindly pointed out once, just flush a few twenty-pound notes down the lav every day.  And myself, while i’m at it.  (I added that last bit – no need to call the tabloids, eh?)

On a related note, my temp. job is nearly up, so at the end of the month i’ll be skint AND out of work.  I’m a bit scared.  I’ve applied for loads and loads of jobs, none of which have been out the range of possibility, since going part-time with my studies.  I quit my last job so i could go back to university towards the end of 2009, thinking with my work experience and Awesum Sk!llz i’d find another soon or at least eventually; but each attempt is met with the don’t-bang-the-door-on-your-way-out faces of bored interviewers who don’t really want to be there listening to my crap.

Only the other day i had a thoroughly dire interview, for a job i could do with my head in the bin, but through which i mumbled and wittered till the cows actually turned up and knocked on my front door.  God only knows how they managed to navigate the underground.  Hats off to ’em.

Except i’ve lost my hat, haven’t i?  Along with my phone and my e-mail address.  I think the universe is conspiring against me.  Either that or i’m a ridiculous mess who needs to sort her life out.  Nah, i think the former’s more likely, don’t you?  It must be my face.

And no, i didn’t get the job, by the way.

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