Nine ten eleven…

My apologies for the sporadic uploading of pictures and for the lack of blog post yet.  Where does the time keep going eh?!  Anyway, here are the many faces of the last few days and i will return with words very soon.

Day 9

Day nine: it was a bad day and i didn’t go out at all. Thinking about it, this is probably a good thing, especially so close to Armistice Day because, er… well, look at it. Oops!

Day 10

Day 10: now the school kids are starting to notice, which means yelling “is that real?” is of course necessary. (Hint — IT’S BLUE.)  (Sorry, i know you can’t really tell though, what with poor picture quality.)

Day 11 [i]

Day eleven: the ticket man at the station was so taken with it this morning, he completely forgot to check my ticket. “French!” was about all he could muster. I’m still slightly puzzled by this remark — as you can see.

Remember, as well as for your amusement, it’s also for a very good cause and, rest assured, i will bend your ear (eye?) at far greater length in due course about that. In the mean time you could have a look at Rethink‘s web site, as this is the charity to which your pennies will be winging their way, then ponder the possibilities over at my fundraising page:

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